Sunday, 18 August 2013

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Our website is offline at the moment as it is in the process of being redeveloped so please contact us via the blog or email for any questions.
Happy walking!

Sunny days on Pilgrim ways

What a great summer for walking we are enjoying this year! Not to hot, not to cold, just a kind of right!
We have had a lot walkers new to the Camino del Norte this year from all over the world who are all amazed about the scenery, gastronomy and hospitality over in the north of the Iberian peninsula.
We don't hear many complaints but one that always arises is the lack of nice walking paths. Unfortunately many parts of the route go along roads, of which some are quite busy and dangerous. Especially certain parts in Cantabria. It would be nice to see that change in the future but on the other hand this is the original route that the pilgrims of the north use to take and so really is part of the experience. Of course in the old days the the route went over cart tracks, established trade routes etc and not quite over the asphalted busy roads we have now a days.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Happy Pilgrims,

Please note that we haven't got any space left for luggage transport reservations until de 2nd of August 2011. We can take reservations for any time after the 2nd August.

For the months of June and July please contact:

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Peregrine Express currently covers the traject from IrĂ¹n until Santander. A minimum of 4 bags is needed for us to work but if you are a lone traveller en route please phone us as we might already have a transport on your traject and so will be able to take your luggage on board too.
If you are travelling in a big group and you have a minimum of 12 bags for transport we can cover until Oviedo. For information on transport past Oviedo please contact us.

Your bags must be ready for transport by 8am. Our latest delivery time for your luggage is 16pm.

Contact number: 0034644589217

Friday, 12 February 2010

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